What is my Bliss?

Over the last 18 months I’ve been following Lola Jones through her website called Divine Openings. My intention last year was to get happy, and I had a great year, with significantly more conscious happiness. This was wonderful, so this year my intention is to find ‘Joy and Bliss’. I’m asking myself ‘what is bliss? Have I ever experienced it? Will I know it when it’s there? How might it be if I’ve experienced it but not recognised it as that?

Given that we experience life through our own perceptions and filters of beliefs, my bliss is probably totally different to yours; I wonder if you have experienced it, and if so, how frequently and can you be in that state when you choose?

At the end of the film ‘Billy Elliot’, Billy is asked how he feels when he dances. After some thought he says;

” Once I get going….then I like, forget everything. And sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. and I’ve got this fire in my body. I’m just there. Flyin’ like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity. disappear, and it’s electric”.

So I’m looking for the instances when I lose myself – I let go and disappear – so that I can do it more often, until it becomes a habit I can be in when I choose. I’d love to know what your experience of this is?

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While looking for inspiration in Lola Jones’s book ‘Everything Is Going Great In My Absence – How To Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting’, I found some words which opened my heart like a flower opening in the full sun. They were ‘unimaginable peace’, and I remembered hearing  a blessing which opened my heart in the same way, when I was about 14 years old;  ‘the peace of God which passes all understanding…..’. The words spell UP which is where I am headed on the scale of happiness, joy and bliss Lola gives in her book. So I write UP on my hand every day, to remind myself of that intention, knowing that my mind will take me where my focus is. This action makes me feel focused, purposeful and happy for which I am very grateful.

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Raise your vibrations to ‘save the planet’.

“People talk about meditating to save the planet. Get happy, radiate happiness, and that contributes high vibrations to the planet more than you know. Meditating from “there’s something wrong with the planet,” just creates more of that, and more discord in you.”  Lola Jones

Can you imagine how it might be if we were all radiating vibrations of a high level of happiness? If we intend ourselves to be happier, and get really clear about how we would like to be and feel, more of the time, we can change our habitual behaviours, and this will have a knock on effect on everyone we come into contact with. Even when life feels tough, challenging or sad, allowing ourselves to appreciate anything that is good changes our vibration. We just need to want it.


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Lightbulb moment

While reading ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Michael Talbot, I experienced one of those wonderful ‘ah ha’s’ which make life so precious. He writes : “It appears that in the mind of the beings of light, compassion is the barometer of grace, and time and time again when NDEers (people who’ve had near death experiences, apparently dying but then returning to life – my words) wonder if some act they committed was right or wrong, the beings counter their enquiries only with a question: Did you do it out of love? Was the motivation love?”

So now as life rolls on my question to myself is “am I doing this for love? Is my motivation love?” The change this brings is stunningly amazing, exciting and joyful, and I am overjoyed! Do try it.  With love.

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Body/mind reflection

Your body affects your mind, just as the mind affects the body. As part of the Divine Openings creation of choosing to be in a happier, lighter mood, Lola Jones advocates ‘raving’. Now, I’m a quiet raver, not seeking to be extrovert or look for attention, but the one place I love to rave is in the shower. Somehow the acoustics, with the sound of water falling, the sensation of hot water, and the enclosed space make it an ideal opportunity to let rip. I may sing, appreciate, and be grateful for the people and circumstances in my life, or if it feels like a tough day I will actively soothe myself, comforting with soft words and smiles, so my spirits lift and I feel as though I’ve washed off all the difficulties and problems. I am able to step out clean, shiny and ready to get going.

Try it……..’It feels good, nahnah, nahnah, nahnah nah, like I knew it would……’

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Happy Fridays

I’m in the habit of texting my 3 grown-up daughters on Friday mornings, to wish them ‘Happy Friday’  reminding them that ‘all is well’; awareness that our positive or negative choice of words creates vibrations which affect us, and everyone around us, is vitally important. There is always choice, even when we feel stuck and log-jammed, and in that case  stopping worrying or working at something, taking a break and doing/being different allows the options to come up.

“You write your own story, so choose the best words”

Have a very Happy Friday

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